Class reflection #1

2 07 2008

In our first class, my first of the MCDM program, I was glad to learn that we’re not expected to become economic experts but are rather expected to use economic theory as a tool for analyzing digital content. How relieving.

The Media Economics text we were required to read before class provided straightforward economic definitions, but was slightly intimidating because of its use of formulas and graphs in its explanation of economic theory. The other “Economics of Information Technology” article, which I wish we had time to discuss in class, was the more interesting to read to me because the author used the history of information technology as a vehicle to explain economics, and intertwined narrative and personal anecdotes to keep the reader engaged. The back to back explanation of definitions in the text was not so entertaining.

I was pleased to have a guest speaker at our first class meeting.¬† Dru Williams’ lecture about how to write a book review was extremely helpful because

  1. I wasn’t clear on the expectations for the book reviews beforehand, and
  2. Questions and ideas presented by classmates made me think about different approaches to the book reviews.

I was most surprised by Dru’s suggestion to read other scholarly reviews of the books we are assigned. I never considered this to be taboo, but rarely in my undergrad studies was I guided to explore how other people completed the same assignments I was tasked. Immediately I was concerned about being too influenced by others’ opinions, but I think by focusing on the evaluation of review approach and structure there is something to be gained by researching other reviews of the books.




One response

7 07 2008

To you, too, I apologize for not including the “math not required” caveat with the assignment. :-/

I’m glad Dru’s part of the class was helpful. And yes, see what other people have said. Just remember to quote/cite them if you use their words!

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