Long Tail Questions

13 07 2008
  1. With the democratization of tools for production and distribution and the cost of storing digital data reducing, more and more e-businesses will be able to compete in Long Tail economies.  How do today’s dominant online players need to differentiate themselves as competitors are able to close in on their business models?
  2. Anderson mentions hybrid business models are growing (Best Buy, Wal-Mart) to compete in Long Tail economies, but he doesn’t provide data for how successful these business models have been. When traditional brick-and-mortar stores open their businesses online, does this negatively impact their physical stores because people are shopping online instead, or do physical stores actually have more success with online exposure?
  3. Google has proven the value of filters to help consumers navigate the endless products and services on the Internet. However, could a conflict against the interest of consumers arise with a private company having so much control over what consumers access, and would government intervene to undermine the monopolization of the filtering market?



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