Wealth of Networks Questions

3 08 2008
  1. Benkler suggests the emergence of mass-scale, commons-based information production will not likely affect humanitarian needs. In contrast, can we identify any examples where commons-based, networked information has benefited humanitarian needs (i.e. Hurricane Katrina)?
  2. Does the expansion of technology necessarily make non-proprietary business models attractive? Have the benefits of commons-based, networked information economies in some instances trumped traditional capitalistic goals for businesses and individuals ?
  3. The rise of peer production has enabled non-market motivations and relations to play a much larger role in the production of information than ever before, according to Benkler. With this increased amount of quality productivity, has new peer-produced information devalued traditional information sources? With Wikipedia now available, has Encylopedia Britannica, for example, actually lost its value as a resource?



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