Reflection: Discussion leader presentation

17 02 2009

Overall, I feel really good about my presentation tonight. The first presentation was a little rough, but the second and third rounds were just fine. I was happy with my short, pithy PowerPoint presentation and thought it complimented my content and presentation style.

One bump in the road was my YouTube video of Robert Alder. During the first presentation, I tried showing a clip, but Robert’s voice was too soft, even when I had the volume maximized. For the second presentation, I just showed the video briefly so that the small group could see who he was. For the final presentation, I skipped the clip altogether because it just wasn’t as effective as I would have hoped.

I was most pleased with the discussions in all of my groups. Everyone had something to say about technologies that contribute to the ego and challenged Rosen’s thesis about egocasting being negative. After this experience, I’m looking forward to the final class presentation.




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24 02 2009
1 03 2009

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