Second thoughts about the Twitter book

5 07 2009

Last class, Kathy directed that each of us will write a chapter on an industry sector. I agree that writing chapters individually will be the most effective method especially considering the short time frame we have to write. I’ve been leaning toward writing about the wine industry since Kathy provided that as an example. I originally thought I’d write about sports, buy I’m concerned that access will be limited. In contrast, winemakers aren’t bombarded with media attention like sports figures and organizations. We have three major wine communities on the West Coast (Napa, Oregon and Washington) with an active group of cellars, personalities and organizations who use Twitter. I think it would be interesting and attainable to cover this sector. To answer some initial questions that my chapter should include:

  • Why this sector? Active community on Twitter o Significant beverage economy; multiple Twitter uses (news, events, marketing, reviews)
  • How has the sector historically used communication technologies? Trade and enthusiast magazines, blogging, email, newsletters
  • What are the good and not-so-good Twitter practices? To be determined



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