Aha! – A Twitter reflection

20 07 2009

Last week, @eaglesnestwineries pointed me to Dr. Vino’s article, “Small wineries tweet harder.” The article pointed out how off-the-beaten-path wineries  are apparently working harder on Twitter, resulting in high rankings on WeFollow compared to big name wineries. In the article, Dr. Vino (Tyler Colman) questioned the ROI of Twitter efforts and creatively (via South Park metaphor) shared his hesitancy to toward considering Twitter a serious marketing tool for wineries.

The article was tongue-in-cheek from what I could tell, and clearly Dr. Vino sees the value of Twitter having more than 1,800 followers and posting more than 1,000 updates since joining in March 2008. Readers took the article more seriously. In the following reader comments (32 total) I saw that:

  1. People in the wine industry are enthusiastic about Twitter.
  2. People in the wine industry are enthusiastically questioning Twitter.
  3. These groups are vocal.

The debate in the comments were not opposing. Rather they were both trying to identify the same end goal – value. It’s as if, and this applies to all industries, everyone is looking at the same map. They see where they are and where they want to go. It’s just no one can decide which way is north.

My “Aha!” moment was seeing that everyone in that community of readers, regardless of opinion, was hungry for information and dialogue. The comments, in addition to the vast and lively wine industry chatter I’ve witnessed on Twitter, validated the appetite for our book by the wine industry. So, I commented on the article to let this audience know that our book is on its way.




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21 07 2009
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2 08 2009

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