Methodology for Twitter accounts to review

24 07 2009

The wine industry is much more active on Twitter than I first thought. Acanmedia hosts just a sample list. After reviewing dozens upon dozens of Twitter accounts, I think I’ve determined a good methodology for selecting accounts to include in the book.

Having very little knowledge about the wine industry, I started by searching the Twitter director From there I dove into the stream and explored how wineries were using Twitter, which seemed to be most influential and what metrics should be considered.

While browsing the wine industry on Twitter, I looked at the same criteria outlined by our case study template: Twitter page design, bio information, number of followers and following, number of tweets,  recent type of tweets (promotional, replies, retweets) and transparency.

Generally, I’ve been looking at wineries with a complete, branded Twitter page design, relevant and valuable bio information, at least 1,000 followers, engaging Tweets with at least 50 percent at replies and RTs (combined) and good transparency (We know who’s doing the tweeting).

After making these determinations I created a target list of wineries/wine personalities to reach out to and have sent them my research questions for input.

My initial list is:


More to come!




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