Class project topic idea: The holidays

4 10 2009

I propose that our Web storytelling class project topic should be “The holidays.” We have the unique advantage during fall quarter to experience Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas (preparations), Chanukah and a number of other American and religious holidays. Additionally, international students may celebrate their own or variations of the aforementioned holidays.

I believe this topic is broad enough that everyone can focus on something different and explore their own interests. Some ideas could be:

  • Costume shopping
  • Trick or Treating
  • Pumpkin patches
  • Thanksgiving dinner
  • Black Friday (holiday shopping)
  • Christmas bazaars
  • Student holidays away from home
  • Christmas tree hunting/decorating
  • Traditional holiday foods
  • Holiday food banks/non-profit events

Students should have little trouble accessing venues and events related to the holidays, as many of the above are public events. Students can also think about documenting their own family traditions or take a journalistic approach and join a family, group, or religious affiliation that interests them and report their experiences.

The holidays will be of high interest to broad audiences by the time the videos are finalized in early December. We could possibly attach these videos to holiday stories that university communications will be writing for the university Web site, which could gain the MCDM program exposure as well.




9 responses

5 10 2009

I like the idea but I’d be concerned that only Halloween and Veteran’s Day would be early in the class. Thanksgiving is pushing up late on the deadline. Christmas and New Years would be prospective so it might hard to get what we’d need.

5 10 2009

Something jumped to mind while reading your entry (and I agree with Ross that we won’t have any juicy holidays early on). What about “traditions?” Imagine the rituals you could tackle with that. Yummy!

6 10 2009

This rocks my world. I’ll take Christmas. Ross, you must not have heard of Christmas Creep. There will be tons of Christmas and Thanksgiving content before class gets done.

I’ve been waiting to show off my snowman collection.

6 10 2009
kelly g manix

I like the idea of the holidays. It makes me miss Tennessee just thinking about it. I could do something on the holidays in Tennessee. I hear Amy Grant’s “Tennessee Christmas” playing in the background.

6 10 2009

I like “Traditions,” too. It can include holidays but obviously doesn’t have to. Thanks for reading, all!

7 10 2009

Also, there is the concept of what qualifies as a Holidy for you, your family or social group.
Every year I take November 9-11 off, as these three days are my wedding anniversary, my birthday and Veterans’ Day (I’m a U.S. Navy retiree, and it’s a great excuse for a 3-day holiday…). For me, this is a significant Holiday.
Interesting topic.

8 10 2009
Nicole Collins

I digg the holiday topic. “Holiday traditions” has a lot to offer. It seems that the timing of Thanksgiving will make it the popular one.

The expectation to spend money around the holidays can be really stressful for people–that story could be captured. Or the tension created when newlyweds have to figure out what family to spend the holidays with…

8 10 2009
Sarah Glazer

All I am thinking about is the movie Home for the Holidays. If you haven’t seen it, please do. Hysterical!

27 10 2010

Hack again?!

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