Microsoft reenters the fray

15 02 2010

Earlier today, Microsoft announced Windows Phone 7 Series, a new operating system that includes Xbox and Zune integration, and positioned its future phones to compete with iPhone, BlackBerry and Android in the US and Nokia abroad.

Microsoft’s past mobile operating system behaved like mobile PCs (and quite well), but the iPhone showed that people want different, more optimized mobile experiences. Microsoft addressed this issue by putting social experiences at the center of Windows Phone 7 Series and allowing people to make and see social communications in their online networks – Windows Live (including Xbox) and Facebook – without having to use specific, individual applications. This is a push approach (as opposed to manually “pulling” the data) that will be attractive to consumers who will enjoy the automation of their social networks on their phones.

We saw this strategy with Google Wave last month: Companies are vying to become the preferred social media aggregate. Whereas just a couple years ago companies were competing for growing social network market share, they are now trying to envelop each other.

What does this mean for consumers? Great experiences lie ahead. Microsoft and its competitors continue to challenge each other and innovate in the mobile industry. In the short term, if companies continue this trend of aggregation, people will benefit with functionality much like push email: People will  see more automated, agnostic social network updates rather than having to rely on specific applications to gain content. With that evolution, companies will better service customers who want fewer steps to communicate and more time to interact.




One response

22 02 2010

nice post! But I also heard that windows 7 series can only run on phones with excellent hardwares, such as HD2~ This is could be a problem for Microsoft.
Also, I am curious to see if they will learn from Google and develop their own phone to match window 7.

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