In mobile, one size does not fit all

22 02 2010

Last week I sent out an informal survey to my Twitter and Facebook network with questions determining how people feel about their mobile phones. Sixteen people responded, and I assume that all of the respondent’s have above average-knowledege about mobility and technology and live or have some connection to the Pacific Northwest. This is a distinct, unrepresentative population.

That fact that the group is so relatively uniform makes the answers that much more surprising and interesting. In the survey I asked just two questions:

  1. What do you see driving the future of mobile innovation?
  2. When considering the purchase of a new phone, what do you find important?

I asked people to rate a variety of answers to those questions as unlikely, somewhat likely, likely or very likely.

For question one, respondents thought social media, photos/video and location based services were most likely to drive mobile innovation. For social media and location-based services, 62.5 percent of respondents found them both to be “very likely” to drive mobile innovation. Voice services, security and financial transactions drew lower response rates.

For question two, respondents thought that carrier and applications were most important when considering the purchase of a new phone and thought voice quality and price were also important. They found looks and security to be least important when considering a phone purchase.

What does this mean? For this audience of connected, early adopters, marketers should know that carriers, applications and services matter, and looks, security and financial transaction don’t matter as much in the purchasing decision.




One response

28 02 2010

Interesting find out~ it is no surprise to see that Location-based services,social media and vedio services are popular~ but I believe that mobile gaming will also be a big heat.

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